comaTool v3.5
Flash Content Management System


comaTool was the first fully operational Content Management Systems for Flash websites.

comaTool provides the necessary functionality to facilitate the design, authoring, review, approval and deployment of completely animated, multilingual and database-driven Flash websites.

The browser-based CMS is easy to learn and maintain. You have full control over all the Flash content and assets without the need to learn any Flash or HTML programming. Website-updates, maintenance and localization are easy, fast and cost effective.
Have full control over content in your Flash site:

- Website structure
- Links & Navigation
- Text
- Pictures
- Videos
- Colors
- Animations
- Downloads
- Music
- Templates
- User-rights administration
- Release management
- Web-access statistics
- External database access
- HTML & MetaTag Editing
- Language management
To create global websites, you can develop and publish in multiple languages, including West and East European, Cyrillic, Greek and Japanese font encoding.

comaTool – The Content Management System, is based on open standards like Flash, PHP and MySQL technology. It is easy to extend and customize.

With comaTool you can create mind-blowing Flash websites that are easy to maintain and update.

Triumph International - the largest manufacturer of underwear and lingerie
used comaTool to maintain and update more than
100 worldwide country websites in 33 languages:

These websites are using our comaTool CMS:

JOOP! Pressroom
Strellson Pressroom

Betty Barclay
Gil Bret
Vera Mont

sloggi Underwear
sloggi Light Cotton
sloggi Invisible Sense
Triumph Pressroom

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